3 chefs - 1 special fine dining menu

A wonderfully tasteful evening awaits you: 3 chefs, decorated with a total of 6 stars. And yet "Cinco" means five. The name comes from the fact that the Cinco appeals to all five senses, 5 fingers also have the hand, and craftsmanship plays a particularly important role here.

Dani García is currently the Andalusian chef with the greatest international reputation and is counted by the critics among the 10 best Spanish chefs.

Paco Pérez and Andreas Rehberger cook together with him. In the fine-dining restaurant "Cinco by Paco Pérez", chef Paco Pérez, who was awarded a star for his avant-garde creations in 2013, is a delight. Andreas Rehberger, chef de cuisine at Cinco, once met Pérez in his Miramar.

On February 22 and 23, the three chefs will be cooking a special 6-course menu with wine accompaniment for €285 per person.